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Poppy Flowers
Poppy Flowers


What The Flowers Say About The Garden

Descent from Paradise FINAL COVER.png

Linden's 'Descent From Paradise' - Where Scent, Sound, and Secrets Converge

Indie Boulevard

In the mystical haze and soundscape of the art-pop genre, Linden and her garden deploy special fragrances during live performances, enhancing olfactory senses and immersing the audience even further into Linden's peculiar world. The album will burst onto all digital platforms on January 11th! I strongly urge you to delve into the enchantment of 'Descent From Paradise.' The music and concept of this masterpiece will catapult you to an entirely new level of perception.

Descent from Paradise FINAL COVER.png

Descent From Paradise

Plastic Magazine

It’s not very often we come across such a visionary piece of work and we can’t recommend diving head first into Descent from Paradise and experiencing the Linden artistic offering.

York Calling

 It’s an ethereal and discombobulating start, creating an ambience that feels both natural and otherworldly. A heartbeat rhythm drives us forward before delicate yet powerful vocals come in. You can tell straight away that you’re in for something different and exceptional 

Unis Sons Magazine

Linden shares her first album through her personal and mystical garden with Descent From Paradise. Review of this sublime, magical pop-rock.

Poppy Flowers
Poppy Flowers


Obscure Sound

The single shows a dreamy, contemplative allure driven by mystique-filled vocals and haunting strings. A particular break, approaching the three-minute mark, sends chills with the weeping strings and delicate pianos — culminating into a sharp percussive accompaniment. Linden’s vocals prove riveting in their ghostly tone and scenic depictions of grieving and growth.



York Calling

"I’ve really not heard much like it, and I can’t wait to delve further into the sonic world of Linden."

Visual Atelier 8

"leaves a palpable sense of wonder and curiosity about the secrets concealed within this tantalizing world."

We All Want Someone To Shout For

"a stirring representation that feels like the sort of fever dream you can’t shake, nor do you want to."

voodoo linden music cover art


Santa Rosa Records

Voodoo subconscious track of the week.
The subconscious is a bizarre realm, one that too few are familiar with, but a domain that Brighton-based songwriter – Linden – is quite fond of.

Velvet morning Linden music cover art


Hard of Hearing Music

" Dripping with highly visual lyricism"

Music For Misfits

" Hauntingly relaxing sound and the laid back vocals"

Fresh Underground Podcast

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