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Welcoming you into the garden of your subconscious with vivid imagery, powerful lyrics and hand blended perfumes that leave you wanting to delve further into their mysterious world. Brighton based songwriter Linden provides intricately interwoven conceptual works with complementary visual arts and sensory experiences. Dripping with mystery Lindens works echo that of David Lynch  begging the listener to create their own narrative and journey through her conceptual garden.


Humans throughout history have always been searching for Paradise. The image and concept of paradise can be found throughout art, literature, music and folklore throughout history and probably for all of humankind's future too. Our impossible strive for the perfect existence and our guilt for being cast out. 

What if? 

What if theres no such thing and instead there exists multiple Paradise, each perfect in their own way and each perfectly flawed in their own way, and our journey through them reflecting the cyclical nature of our growth. We cycle constantly through death and rebirth of ourselves as we experience life, grow and change or when traumatic experiences find us. Each time we cycle through we enter a new paradise, it is up to us to not only recognise the flaws of our current state but also recognise the beauty that surrounds us there.

The story behind Linden explores this, each collection of songs a new Paradise, each song a chapter in the journey exploring that paradise, each lyric a glimpse through the vines at that Paradise.

Taking us on a journey through our subconscious.

The Layers 

The Songs

Linden songs are written using the Nyktomorph technique providing glimpses of information and then allowing the listeners subconscious to build their own full idea of the story by filling in the gaps with personal experience. The surface meaning behind the lyrics panders to this effect. The secondary layer deals with the hidden symbolism behind words, colours and images, each image in the lyrics is deliberately placed for this layer. Explore the deeper depths of linden songs by looking into floral folklore, colour theory, intertextual references and Wiccan symbolism.

The Art

Each song has a fine art canvas painted for it as well as a moving visual.

The canvas represents the song at its core while the moving visuals serve to create an immersive environment for live shows, throwing a rich layer of images at audiences to sway their emotions and perceptions of the songs.

The Perfumes

Each song has a hand-blended perfume to match further deepening the audiences immersion in the conceptual world. Each perfume is blended as per traditional blending techniques but also utilising spiritual herbology and traditional aromatherapy, to reflect the songs hidden meanings, moods and images. During live shows you are welcomed to experience these smells whilst you listen.

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