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Descent From Paradise

The Debut Album

After closing the garden gates on Voodoo in Paradise, we begin a descent into a new paradise. Exploring aspects of ourselves as we grow from the past and venture into a new version of ourselves. Along the journey we meet characters from The Major Arcana Tarot cards who symbolise these aspects, with each song being a new card and a new part of our psyche.  Explore The High Priestess our divine feminine side, The Devil our divine masculine side and how they interplay within ourselves as we strive for balance and harmony.

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Descent from Paradise FINAL COVER.png


Tarot Card; The Fool 
Colour; Indigo
Fragrance; Frankincense, Lavender, Palmarosa
Flower; Babies Breath
Herb; Parsley

Voodoo In Paradise

The First EP

We begin our journey in a garden filled with fragrant flowers and deceiving beauty. Here the flowers are demons, they tempt and seduce our darkest selves. They manipulate and bury you in their soil. We journey through the phases of toxic relationships and how they affect our psyche.

Explore the songs below

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Rose, Sandalwood, Vetivert, Neroli
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