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Explore the Voodoo in Paradise EP both with your ears, eyes, touch and smell with a bottle of limited edition bath and massage oil. Handblended with carefully picked organic scents to represent the journey of each song. 


Smell Highway Honeys Honeysuckles and sink into woody rich florals.



Organic Deoderised Sunflower Oil

Organic Wheatgerm Oil

Pure Vitamin E Oil

Jasmine Absolute Oil

Organic Neroli Essential Oil

Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil

Organic Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil



Highway Honey Bath & Massage Oil

  • For Massages:

    Pour a small palmful into your hands and massage as desired, avoid contact vwith eyes and broken skin.


    For Baths:

    Add roughly 10ml to your bath and let your skin soak up the oils and your senses explore the world of Linden.


    For extra experiences:

    Use whilst streaming the Voodoo in Paradise EP x



    Store in a cool dark place, ideally in the fridge to maximise the life of your oil.

  • Head over to the shop on depop @threewitchrituals to purchase, 

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